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Al-Nasr opens its doors to the “San Marino Academies” teams


26 marzo 2022

Dubai (Etihad)
Al Nasr Club received a delegation from San Marino that included the players of the Serravalle academies, Juvenis Dojana aged 6-13 and their families, in addition to the Super Inspire Academy Dubai, as part of the “Dean’s” club’s keenness to develop talent and create a bridge of communication between peoples.
The visit came in coordination with Super Inspire Academy Dubai, and Ahmed Al Daleel, director of Al Nasr Football Academy, and a number of club officials received the visiting delegation. The guide welcomed the delegation during a tour of the club, which included a visit to the museum and facilities of the “Dean” and Al Maktoum Stadium.
On the sidelines of the visit, friendly matches were held between the players of the visiting teams and the club’s academy teams at the various age levels, while the Al Nasr Academy players participated in the training sessions for the visiting teams, which included the use of a modern training system used in European football academies to develop the players’ abilities, and to inform the coaches The Academy has the latest methods of training, and exchanging experiences, opinions and information.
At the end of the visit, the players participating in the event were honored and souvenirs were handed over to them. The visitors praised the good reception, generosity and hospitality they found upon their visit to Al-Nasr Club, and their presence at the headquarters of the “Brigadier”.

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